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Limbo Apk Free Download For Android Latest v1.16

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Limbo APK For Android Description:

An Application Limbo Apk Latest Version 1.16 For Android.This Android Limbo App Free Download To direct Link. Limbo is a puzzle-platformer. The game only uses two buttons in addition to movement controls, one to cause the boy to jump, and one for contextual action, such as dragging boxes, pulling levers, or pushing buttons. The boy can grab onto ledges within reach and lower himself from platforms, climb ladders, push and pull objects and also swing from ropes found in the environment. Limbo is a very beautiful interesting puzzle game for playing on smart phone, android phone or tablets etc..In this game you play as a young boy  whose job is that to find his lost sister The issue is that he woke up in Limbo and has to cross his path through a dark and dreary forest. To crossing this way you will obviously need dodge all kind of obstacles on your way, avoiding terrifying monster and creatures are out to get you.The game has simple control, can swipe any direction you want to move, swipe up make the boy jump and swiping right will makes moves right. LIMBO is a multiplatform computer game developed by the Danish Playdead studio and was first released in 2010. The first version of LIMBO was released for gaming consoles and later, due to unprecedented popularity, it is ported to most gaming platforms, including Android devices.

Limbo file information

Interface language:———————— Русский/English

Android version:—————————————— Android 4.3

Rating:—————————————–  4.7

Category:————————————– Games /Adventure/MOD 

Size:——————————————–  7.22 MB

Developer:———————————–  Playdead 

Package name:—————————–  com.playdead.limbo.full

Version:————————————-  1.16

Updated:———————————–  March 28, 2017

Features of Limbo APK

  • Impressive adventure android game.
  • Its best play on android phone, smarts phone and tablets.
  • Easy to play.
  • Easy to download.
  • Simple good control.
  • 2D scrolling game.
  • Awesome dark pretty graphics.
  • Much More……../

Limbo APK Latest Free Download For Android

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